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Glass repairs in Essex.

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Glass repairs in Essex repaired home
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Essex double glazing installers

Glass repair sounds like a simple task and in many cases it is. However, when you stop and think about how many different types of glass there are and different thicknesses, grades and purposes, you may begin to see why it pays to deal with an established professional company.


A1 Glass and Glazing have been working in Essex for more than thirty years repairing windows, doors, mirrors, showers and many other items. Indeed if it is glass and it is broken, please call us.


Double galazing installers in Essex.  Small windowWhen glass gets broken.

In many cases providing a repair can be effected on the same day there is no real problem, but sometimes when a shop window gets broken or something happens where the glass cannot be immediately repaired or replaced, all our fitters carry a range of boarding materials to make your premises secure until a full and professional repair can be completed.


Double glazing EssexNo call out charge and 24/7 service.

Generally people don't call out in the middle of the night unless the problem is urgent. So, by restricting our work to Essex we rotate one fitter to be on call out 24/7 every day of the year and he can always be on site in less than 2 hours and most times in under an hour.


Double galazing installers in Essex.  Small window Whatever your glazing needs.

Whether is is a simple window, double glazing or a fitted mirror please call us for a quotation. No job is ever too small. Indeed a lot of our work comes from clients we did little jobs for in the past.


Our offices based in Latchingdon, Essex.

We are approved glazing contractors and are happy to undertake sub-contracting work for domestic, business or local authorities.


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We also provide emergency glazing and boarding 24/7 throughout Essex for stores and shop-fronts.


Police registered Logo Making Essex a safer place.



A1 Glass and Glazing - Glass repairs in Essex

A typical double glazed window.

a small window1Barking. We are professional local glaziers. with a very quick response when needed.


a small window 2Benfleet. On our doorstep, so if you want a fast response try us. A1 Glass and Glazing.

a small window 3Braintree. One of the more beautiful Essex towns with a wide range of window types.

a small window 4Brentwood. Lots of triple glazing in this town.

One of the more energy efficient Essex towns.

a small window 5Buckhurst Hill.

We know our way around here after 30 years of repairing windows here.

a small window 6Chelmsford.

Some of the oldest windows in the country can be found here.


a small windowClacton on Sea. A beautiful Essex seaside town with a wide variety of architecture.

a small window 7Colchester. A major Essex town. Definitely some of the oldest glass in the country here.

a small window 9Dagenham. Again high traffic levels in some parts means there is lots of triple glazing here.


a small window 10Halstead. Easy road access means we are on site when called out, fast.

a small window 11Harlow. A mixture of old and new architecture with many kinds of glass and windows.

a small window 12Ilford. One of the busiest towns in Essex so we spend a lot of our work time here.

a small window 13Leigh on Sea. Coastal winds here account for many windows and doors slamming shut and breaking.

a small window 14Romford. Lots of traffic in Romford and many are fitting triple glazing.

a small window 15Southend on Sea.

Coastal weather and erosion generates a lot of broken glass here.

a small window 16Westcliffe on Sea

Adjacent to Southend with similar problems with windows and doors.