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Maldon glass repair


Glass repair in Maldon - Home picture.
A second glazed home
Third home in Essex

A1 Glass and Glazing for all your Maldon glass needs.

Essex double glazing installers

Having spent more than 30 years installing and repairing glass in and around Maldon we have built ourselves an enviable reputation for skilled workmanship, whether it be something as simple as a broken fanlight or maybe a misted double glazing, asking us for a quote will probably save you money.


In the same way that supermarkets like Tesco compare their product prices to the prices charged by their competitors, A1 Glass and Glazing analyzed prices quoted on a range of glass products. We found that whereas the prices we quoted were not always the cheapest in the vast majority of cases when quoting directly against our competition we won.


Why have we prospered , it would be reasonable to ask and below we hope to explain why.

Double galazing installers in Essex.  Small windowSkill and honesty with all our glazing in Maldon.

Over the past thirty years we have seen cowboy firms come and go and usually the reason for their demise is either poor workmanship or ethics. We take great pride in being a family firm and we know how quickly word can circulate if work is shoddy. Given that we only work in Essex anything but the highest level of workmanship and honesty would quickly mitigate against us. The reality is though that we have literally thousands of satisfied customers and you are welcome to talk to some about our company. Just ask us for an introduction to a past customer or customers.

Double glazing window installer-Essex LogoNo Call out charges. for glass repairs in Maldon.

It is a source of near constant amazement to us, that glass companies generally make call out charges. Why should you pay call out charges? Our place of work is your home or premises, so why should there be a call out charge? You don't pay a garage for the mechanics journey to his place of work, so why should you pay a glass company?

Double glazing EssexHow we treat your premises.

Quality workmanship does not just happen. It comes from a variety of factors, like experience, materials, skill and care. Here at A1 Glass and Glazing we work to a quality system which is designed to achieve 3 objectives. Firstly, it almost goes without saying, quality workmanship, but there are two other things which benefit you the customer. First is that we will carry out our work with the minimum disruption to you home or premises and secondly that when we finish we will have cleaned up after ourselves with the same dedication to getting it right as we have to doing quality work.



Our offices in Latchingdon.

We are approved glazing contractors and are happy to undertake sub-contracting work for domestic, business or local authorities in and around Maldon in Essex.


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Police registered Logo Making Essex a safer place.



Whatever your glass repair needs, A1 Glass & Glazing is the firm for you in Essex.

Glass repairs in Maldon

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